Maintaining a Cutting-Edge Data Center with ReadyWorks

Customer Overview

Client: Leading Multinational Investment Bank

Revenue: $42B

Industry: Financial Services

Employees: 65,000

Use Case: IT Asset Management

Business Outcomes
  • $500K+ saved annually
  • Time savings of 4000+ hours annually.
  • Comprehensive 360° view of the innovation center.  
  • Accurate inventory and asset management
  • Reduction of on-site support


One of the top five largest investment banks in the world maintains innovation data centers focused on continually evaluating the latest technologies. They use ReadyWorks to manage this ever-changing environment, allowing them to provide their innovators with seamless, on-demand access to the latest equipment and services. 


In the high stakes game of trading and investment banking, technology is often the differentiator between winning and losing. To ensure they remain at the leading edge of technology, this firm maintains 13,000+ sf data center space dedicated solely to evaluating the latest and greatest technology available. 

With 70 unique environments, tens of thousands of devices, and an inventory of well over 5,000 parts such as NIC cards, GPUs, and solid-state drives, the challenge was how to control the coming and going of equipment as well as the many requests to install and evaluate new technology. 


  • Eliminate as much manual work as possible
  • Reduce the need to always have staff onsite
  • Make it easier to build and maintain accurate records
  • Keep a history of all assets


The firm evaluated a number of asset management and work management solutions but felt none of them were purpose built for an environment as dynamic as the innovation center. Ultimately, ReadyWorks was chosen because of the platform’s flexibility and its ability to render relationships between assets from the point of view of a part, a server, a user, or an environment. The Executive Director of the Innovation Center also felt it was critical to partner with a firm that could provide agile customization and rapid support so that their organization could achieve the proper balance between “build it” or “buy it” which they felt was essential for success. 


The innovation center has a full inventory of every rack, server, and part and can trace the history of a given piece of equipment from the moment it is received until the moment it is destroyed. Manual work involved in fulfilling requests has dropped dramatically. Requestors are now able to see equipment available in the center and request it without having to speak directly to an Innovation Team member. For example, information requests from the finance team have gone from approximately 40 per month to about 2 per quarter resulting in a time savings of approximately 20 – 40 hours per month for the Innovation Team. Single sign-on allows them to provision users easily and the robust API is now being leveraged to integrate with other systems of record creating a comprehensive 360o view of the innovation center.  

Looking towards the future the goal is to leverage ReadyWorks to continue to improve the efficiency of the innovation center and ensure the firm remains on the cutting edge of financial technology.


The client tracks all hardware from receipt through disposal including critical information such as purchase data, EOL, lease expiration, whether it is data bearing, and destruction certification. 


Automated workflows are used to manage the lifecycle of part installation and removal.


Vendors and business partners search data center inventory by purchase order number to determine the status of their equipment. 


Internal teams throughout the bank utilize the ReadyWorks API so that all innovation data is centralized. 

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