Top US Bank Reduces IT Consolidation Costs Tied to M&A by 50%

Customer Overview

Client: First Citizens Bank

Industry: Financial Services

Employees: 6,000

Use Case: System and endpoint consolidation for merger

Business Outcomes
  • 50% reduction in data discovery overhead.
  • Reduction of Op Ex due to redundant applications.
  • Improved time-to-completion for merger project.
  • Reduced workload burden for IT staff.
  • Minimized migration risk.
  • Continued compliance with industry regulations.


A major acquisition left this top 20 US bank with 6,000 additional endpoints from a separate system to consolidate into their own. They chose ReadyWorks to alleviate manual IT labor, minimize risk, and optimize time-to-completion.


In addition to merging brand identities, company cultures, and labor forces, acquiring another bank meant reconciling the two digital systems, from servers to endpoints. With endpoints especially, this would require extensive data discovery to determine asset lifecycles, system configurations, and dependency relationships. Moreover, aggregating and rationalizing this data would be necessary before any changes could be made to ensure compliance, maintain operations, and minimize transition time.

Traditional data discovery methods are manual, making the effort to quickly inventory new assets numbered in the thousands a significant undertaking. Recognizing that using such manual methods meant both incurring considerable costs and accepting high levels of risk, and threatened to stall the operations of other departments during the merger, the client turned to ReadyWorks to automate the data discovery process.


  • Reconcile the new, 6,000-endpoint strong system with the current one.
  • Reduce IT workloads and overhead via automation and improved system management.
  • Eliminate redundant applications to reduce operating expenses.
  • Replace and securely dispose of outdated hardware.
  • Minimize risks and disruptions from IT merger activities.


Not only did the ReadyWorks digital platform conductor (DPC) present a clear advantage for the transformation efforts involved in the merger, it enabled the IT to maintain up-to-date records of the entire estate, eliminating the need to manually update a CMDB, and reducing overhead and risk associated with any future transformation project.


Once configured to facilitate system-wide data aggregation and effective rationalizing of the data, ReadyWorks was able to import data in real time, recording changes to configurations, dependencies, inventory, and more, as each change was made. This freed IT staff to focus on more complex tasks, and enabled management to make more accurate decisions regarding timelines and implementations of migrations, dispositions, etc. 

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