AMEX GBT Automates Windows Servicing

Customer Overview

Client: American Express Global Business Travel

Revenue: $1.5 Billion

Industry: Travel

Employees: 18,000

Use Case: Windows Lifecycle Management

Business Outcomes
  • 64 hours per week of productivity regained for two full-time resources
  • Ability to take advantage of the latest Windows features
  • Reduced security and compliance exposure
  • Improved end user upgrade experience


American Express Global Business Travel (AMEX GBT), one of the world's largest travel and event management companies, manages well over 20,000 endpoints spread throughout offices around the world. Having completed a Windows 10 migration using the classic approach, they found themselves overwhelmed trying to keep up with the pace of Windows as a Service (WaaS). They now use ReadyWorks to automate the entire process including testing, communications, deployment, and validation.


American Express GBT realized the way they traditionally handled migrations was less than ideal. Upgrading 20,000+ endpoints was typically a multi-year project involving a large team of consultants and employees. With Windows 10 Servicing the company found they had to adapt to the new reality of continually upgrading Windows across their endpoints. A large team reliant on manual processes and inefficient tooling was not able to keep up the pace and the firm became increasingly concerned about security and compliance exposure. They needed a tool to manage Windows as a Service from end to end.


  • Reduce security and compliance exposure by staying current with Windows Servicing 
  • Lower costs by reducing the number of human resources involved in the process 
  • Gain end user confidence by ensuring full system availability after each upgrade 


First and foremost, they wanted a platform that was proven in its ability to solve the ongoing Windows update problem and continually deliver a modern workspace. They evaluated this through a series of pilots focused on integration with Microsoft endpoint solutions including SCCM, Intune, Desktop Analytics and O365. They also wanted a system that was intuitive and fairly easy to use so their team, and future teams, could be brought up to speed quickly. Lastly, they wanted to ensure the organization they partnered with would work with them to build out their workflows and help configure the platform along the way.

ReadyWorks was ultimately selected based upon its close alignment with Microsoft solutions, its usability, and its comprehensive approach to Windows Servicing automation.


Onboarding workshops quickly underscored AMEX GBT's reliance on manual coordination to execute the servicing process. They worked closely with the ReadyWorks customer success team to define and document the end-to-end workflow for their different user categories and then configured that process within ReadyWorks. The end result was that the IT team was able to free up nearly 80% of the calendar for two full-time resources – a substantial savings in cost and effort – while also guaranteeing that they could maintain the annual Windows as a Service pace. They were also particularly pleased with the audit trail they could provide to their compliance team if any question came up regarding the history of potential compliance concerns.


Every stage of Windows Servicing including communications, scheduling, deployment, rollback (if necessary), and reporting is automated.


ReadyWorks uses event triggers to populate SCCM collections.


Users select an upgrade time based upon the parameters set by the deployment team.

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