ReadyWorks unifies system integration, data intelligence and orchestration & automation

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  • System Integration: Connecting your systems and getting them to work in unison.
  • Data Intelligence: Providing you with actionable insights into any program.
  • Orchestration and Automation: Orchestrating complex programs and automating alerts and workflows.

ReadyWorks compliments the technology investments already in place in your organization and increases their value exponentially. By integrating them, analyzing the data they contain, and leveraging their unique capabilities ReadyWorks allows you to build the solutions you need to achieve business goals.


System Integration:

Connecting Your Systems and Getting them to Work in Unison

You’ve already invested in the tool capabilities you need, but you can’t get them to work together or share data. Traditionally this requires a lot of time, resources, spreadsheets, manual effort, and risk.

ReadyWorks solves this using open APIs and database connectors to aggregate your vendor and in-house developed tools, systems, databases, and applications, unlocking the data they hold and allowing you to pick from their capabilities in any combination to tailor solutions to business challenges.

Benefit from bi-directional connectivity for coordinated control of systems across your business; scale that connectivity to manage complex programs; and use integrated governance to maintain program compliance.

Business Intelligence:

Gain Actionable Insight

Clean up data mismatches, gaps, and outdated information that you’ll find as you combine different sources. Use dashboards and reports to filter that information, see how changes will impact you, and gain actionable insight on any program. Use this intelligence to inform your decisions and subsequent actions.



Orchestration & Automation:

Easily Build Complex Workflows to Free Your Experts

Toggling between systems and applications to manage any task takes its toll on your teams, reducing productivity and costing the business. ReadyWorks frees your experts from managing low-level tasks by providing you with templates that you can use to easily build workflows that use your integrated toolset to automate processes using triggers based on system reports, events, or dates.

Benefit from a growing library of automated workflows that you can choose and reuse to tackle any scenario, create exceptions to manage program anomalies and get time back for your teams to concentrate on more engaging work.

Harness the Power of ReadyWorks in Your Organization

Using ReadyWorks you benefit from:
  • Removal of risks associated with blind spots and broken processes.
  • More rapid, informed decision making.
  • Faster and more effective attainment of business objectives.
  • Reduction in program timelines and cost.
  • The ability to automate low-level tasks to free up high-level resources.
  • Greater ROI from existing technology investments.

With ReadyWorks you can handle as much or as little as you want. Connect and integrate tools and build your own workflows or ask us to do it for you. Contact us to find out more.


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