50% Cost Reduction for Windows Upgrade. Better Employee Experience.

Customer Overview

Client: Regeneron

Revenue: $8.5B

Industry: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Employees: 8,100

Use Case: Windows Lifecycle Management

Business Outcomes
  • 2000 hours of manual effort eliminated every year.
  • Reduced security and compliance exposure.
  • Accurate application and device inventory.
  • Fully automated Windows servicing solution.


Faced with the overwhelming logistics required to facilitate a migration to Windows 10, this global biotechnology leader selected ReadyWorks as the command and control platform to automate their Windows migration.


With the project already underway, the company went through a change to its organizational structure, which skyrocketed the number of deployment methods it offered to its employees from three to nearly 80. Shortly after that, the pandemic forced more employees to work remotely, adding about 40 more deployment methods. Migrating the company’s globally-distributed systems to Windows 10 while adding so many more deployment options added layers of complexity to the project. The company sought an automated solution that would allow them to organize and execute program logistics and provide an ongoing solution for future updates. The company turned to the ReadyWorks platform to coordinate the migration and deliver a quality end user experience throughout the process.


  • Migrate 4,500 systems to Windows 10.
  • Schedule, manage, and support individual employee migration.
  • Minimize impacts on employee productivity during the migration.


The company was deciding between either using contractors to deliver the upgrade using traditional methods or making the investment in automation. Recognizing that the upgrade program would become an annual requirement for the firm, the decision was made to invest in automation with ReadyWorks being selected as the tool of choice based upon previous experiences with the platform.


With the migration requiring multiple steps for each device, the company leveraged ReadyWorks to automate the entire process regardless of deployment type. ReadyWorks was connected to the company’s core infrastructure systems—Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Active Directory (AD) and used to automate the scheduling and upgrading of all devices across the enterprise. Ultimately, Readyworks successfully supported the more than 120 deployment methods in use, ranging from letting users schedule time with a service engineer, to variants based on location, department and other factors, to letting users pick up their system at a specified location. The company subsequently selected ReadyWorks to handle their lab migrations, too.

Wave Planning

By segmenting the migration into waves and wave groups, ReadyWorks was able to build and populate waves based on location, department, and other factors.


The integration of ReadyWorks into the customer environment was accomplished via a robust REST API.


ReadyWorks date and event triggers delivered timely communications to team members and end users.


The delivery team was able to instantly produce reports without requiring pulls from multiple systems that then need to be sorted in spreadsheets.


With ReadyWorks, an up-to-date record of the program is automatically maintained in the event a review is needed in the future. 

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