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Access clear accurate data and gain actionable insights on complex programs

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Your organization produces massive amounts of data, but it’s hard to access and use it to gain insight into your business. Turn your data into intelligence by aggregating and correlating information from different sources, and cleaning and presenting it, using rich reporting, graphics, and analytics capabilities.


Automating the Data Cleanup

As you combine information from multiple systems you’ll see mismatches, omissions, anomalies, and errors. Managed manually, these are difficult and costly to resolve. ReadyWorks identifies those issues, scores data quality, and then uses automation to rank sources of truth or to poll subject matter experts, to resolve them. The result is a foundation of clean, accurate data which you can use to build and manage successful programs.

Gain Actionable Insight Using Dashboards, Charts, and Reports

Configure your own dashboards, charts, and reports that draw on data from any combination of integrated systems. Combine multiple views of data to benefit from richer insights. Use real time data connections or get automatic updates at a frequency defined by you.



Use Intelligent Data Analytics

Using analytics your data becomes actionable. Filters let you see how changes in one system impact your entire environment and you can set thresholds that will alert you when things are falling outside of those parameters. Analytics can be applied to compare systems or model scenarios to aid planning and decision making.

Simplify Executive Reporting

Waiting for progress meetings or project teams to answer questions can slow other teams down. ReadyWorks allows you to create unique links to reports and charts that you can share with any stakeholder, allowing them to see program progress and access the data they need to remain productive.


ReadyWorks has been recognized as ‘transformational’ in six Gartner Hype Cycles

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Connecting to your systems and getting them to work in unison.

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Providing you with actionable insights on any program.

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Easily automate complex processes leveraging orchestration across your tools and systems.

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