Paul Deur

Paul Deur is a lifelong entrepreneur and co-founder of ReadyWorks with over 20 years of experience in IT services, sales, delivery, enablement, and operations focused on large enterprises. Paul has a successful track record with global organizations such as Pfizer, Microsoft, Symantec, Unisys, American Express, Regeneron, and SMBC, amongst others. An engineer by training and customer service professional at heart, his unique perspective allows him to build practical IT solutions that work in the real world.

Blog Posts by Paul Deur

March 8 2023

CMDB Accuracy Woes? It’s Time for a New Approach

Can you trust your configuration management database (CMDB)? Can you rely on it to see ...
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February 8 2023

CIO Priorities for 2023

While global economic uncertainty continues through 2023, Gartner expects worldwide IT ...
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January 20 2023

Proactive Digital Experience Management: How a DPC Can Help

With many companies still feeling the impact of the “Great Resignation” and hiring ...
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January 18 2023

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Supporting the Digital Workplace

Companies may have hoped for a wholesale return to the office when pandemic restrictions ...
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January 2 2023

Managing IT Spend as Budgets Shrink and Costs Soar

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck three years ago, organizations spent at record rates to ...
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December 27 2022

How to Enhance Digital Workplace Operations with Automation

According to Gartner, the digital workplace “enables new, more effective ways of working; ...
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November 1 2022

Achieving IT Maturity with a Digital Platform Conductor

IT maturity is a key priority for CIOs. In fact, in a 2021 Gartner I&O survey, nearly ...
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August 19 2022

8 Ways to Deliver a Great Digital Employee Experience

In an increasingly competitive world, enterprises want to deliver a great customer ...
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August 2 2022

Cloud Cost Optimization: How to Tackle Rising Costs

For many enterprises, moving to the cloud promised savings in terms of hardware, power, ...
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July 13 2022

Cost Savings and Innovation: Enabling CIOs to Walk the Fine Line

As inflation continues to rise, CIOs are being asked to do more with less but there are ...
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