Patch Management

Companies can receive an overwhelming number of software patches that they must categorize and implement, to maintain data security. But as system complexity increases, it becomes harder to ensure that patching activities are completed successfully, leading to potential data breaches and costly penalties, or at the very least poor user experience. Customers turn to ReadyWorks to help alleviate the stress of managing these activities manually.

ReadyWorks connects TO:

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ReadyWorks Solves:
  • ReadyWorks aggregates data from all relevant systems and allows operators to query it and see which users, devices, systems, applications are impacted by new software patches.
  • Customers can use ReadyWorks templates to build complex workflows and automate activities such a patch testing, user scheduling and communications and more, and create services for different user groups – e.g. ensuring critical or VIP users are handled differently.
  • As patching activities progress, the ReadyWorks central super dashboard is updated, allowing operators to see where rescheduling activities occur, or use data to trigger new automated workflows to manage tasks.
  • With access to clear real-time reports, operators can ensure patching activities are completed successfully, and share reports with stakeholders for audit/compliance purposes.
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ReadyWorks has been recognized as ‘transformational’ in six Gartner Hype Cycles

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Connecting to your systems and getting them to work in unison.

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Providing you with actionable insights into any program.

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Orchestrating complex programs and automating alerts and workflows.