Simplifying IT Infrastructure Modernization

Customer Overview

Client: Tradeweb

Revenue: $1B

Industry: Financial Services

Employees: 1,200

Use Case: Infrastructure Management

Business Outcomes
  • One definitive system of record for infrastructure management
  • Endpoint compliance
  • Gains in operational efficiency
  • Maximum uptime of critical systems
  • Data aggregation for business planning and budgeting


Tradeweb, a global operator of financial marketplaces averages a daily volume of $725 Billion in transactions. To support such magnitude, it is imperative that all facets of the business operate efficiently, securely, and without interruption. Tradeweb utilizes ReadyWorks to manage and continually modernize key IT infrastructure which underpins many of their critical systems.


Tradeweb had a number of complex infrastructure environments that had grown organically over time. They wanted to implement a system that could manage their infrastructure from an asset, project management, and systems management perspective. The goal was to have one platform which was intuitive and could serve as the definitive system of record for the infrastructure team.


  • Implement a master system of record for the infrastructure team
  • Leverage the system to run programs as well as day-to-day operations
  • Ensure usage of the system was intuitive


Tradeweb evaluated ITSM platforms, project management suites, and asset management tools but found that none of those platforms could provide the wholistic management experience they were envisioning. Their selection criteria was to identify a platform that could provide deep asset management capabilities, integration with their existing systems management platforms, the ability to execute IT programs from end to end, and native integration with the latest Microsoft tools – notably Desktop Analytics. 

Tradeweb chose ReadyWorks because they felt it could assist not only with their migration programs but also with day to day management of the environment. They were particularly happy to learn ReadyWorks could manage their Windows Servicing program and avoid the need for this to be a near full-time job for members of the endpoint team.


The IT Project Management team has executed a number of IT programs on the platform including: 

Tech Currency
A program designed to aggregate hardware, lease, and performance information to identify which systems should be replaced in a given year and what the budget should be for that replacement. 

AD Group Validation
A program to regularly poll AD group owners to validate that the members of their groups still require access.

Endpoint Compliance
Ongoing analysis of the endpoint environment to ensure all applications and system patches are up to date. 

Windows 10/Hosted Desktop Infrastructure
Execution of a firm-wide migration from physical Windows 7 based assets to a hosted desktop infrastructure leveraging Windows as a Service (WaaS).

Desktop Analytics
Utilizing Desktop Analytics, ReadyWorks, and SCCM to auto-populate Windows Servicing Rings.


Allows the firm to stay within compliance.


Identifies potential application issues before upgrade. 


The firm fully automates the Windows Servicing process. 


Combining financials and asset information to provide a holistic view of the environment. 


Used to validate group membership, application usage, location, and other difficult to track user information.

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