Reducing Desktop Upgrade Labor Costs by 25%

Customer Overview

Client: Elekta

Revenue: $1.5 Billion

Industry: Medical Technology

Employees: 3,600

Use Case: Modernizing the Desktop Workspace

Business Outcomes
  • 25% reduction in labor required to execute a desktop refresh and upgrade
  • Application rationalization reduced the list of applications from 50,000 to 1,300
  • Automated command and control implemented to manage the upgrade process
  • Better visibility of the entire desktop environment



Elekta, a global leader in precision radiation medicine, supports a distributed workforce spread across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. To continue their mission of providing life-saving healthcare solutions, Elekta utilizes ReadyWorks to ensure their employees have the latest IT workspace available.


The firm manages a multi-lingual workforce distributed across 40 offices and over a dozen time-zones. They were concerned about the logistics involved in preparing for, and executing, a firmwide upgrade of all of their desktops and laptops. Major concerns were the need to replace a large amount of equipment, an untested application inventory, and the need to coordinate end users during the Covid-19 crisis.


  • Identify which hardware should be replaced
  • Develop a precise application inventory
  • Build a command and control strategy for a global upgrade 
  • Reduce deployment costs


The firm partnered with a local service provider to evaluate multiple command and control solutions. They quickly realized that the options for managing IT programs of this magnitude were limited. They opted to pilot ReadyWorks based upon their service provider’s recommendation. On the second day of the pilot the firm stated, “we now have greater visibility into our environment than ever before.”


The firm was able to aggregate information from Microsoft SCCM, ServiceNow, local spreadsheets, and a homegrown asset inventory system in order to build a profile of their hardware environment. Based upon that information they created a budget and schedule to replace their end-of-life equipment. Additionally, the firm was able to rationalize their initial list of 50,000 applications into a more accurate inventory of about 1,300 applications globally. Command and control was established using ReadyWorks to manage readiness analysis, scheduling, communications, and reporting. The organization estimated they saved 20% on labor during the upgrade.


The team can quickly determine what hardware requires replacement. 


An initial list of 50,000 applications reduced to 1,300. 


Scheduling across geography and time-zones. 


All user communications delivered via ReadyWorks. 

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