Reducing O365 Migration Labor Costs by 25%

Customer Overview

Client: Maxar

Revenue: $2.2B

Industry: Aerospace

Employees: 5,900

Use Case: O365 / Post-Merger IT Consolidation

Business Outcomes
  • IT program delivery time reduced by 25%
  • Command and control of existing systems
  • Cohesive view of data across all organizations and systems
  • Automatic identification and migration of mailbox delegates


Maxar, which specializes in manufacturing and maintaining satellites, has grown rapidly through mergers and acquisitions. As a result, required IT programs such as O365 deployment and system consolidation are made more complicated by multiple management systems, numerous AD forests, inconsistent standards, and other complications common in merger scenarios. They use ReadyWorks to execute their IT programs because they find its ability to interface with systems and users from the various internal entities greatly reduces their delivery time and drives down the cost of their IT programs. 


Launching and managing satellites demands IT systems that are up to date, secure, and reliable. This satellite manufacturer discovered that while strategic acquisition propelled growth, it also introduced complexity and risk into their IT environment. To address this complexity, they sought a flexible command and control system that could be used to execute not only their O365 deployment, but any type of IT program across their different internal organizations.


  • Migrate users to O365
  • Introduce a command and control platform to manage complexity
  • Realize the cost benefits of post-merger IT consolidation
  • Reduce the cost and time required for internal IT programs


The primary selection criteria was a platform that could be used to integrate with systems and people spread across different internal organizations. This meant integration with multiple AD Forests and domains, various management platforms, and numerous systems of record for user and system data. They also wanted comprehensive vendor support as they aspired to execute a number of programs and felt they might need help configuring the platform along the way. 

Ultimately the team chose ReadyWorks for its flexibility, native integration, robust support, and ability to streamline the O365 migration. During the initial pilot a prominent architect noted “I don’t think people know how powerful this tool is. The data in it is incredible, it has everything we need.” 


Maxar uses ReadyWorks to execute several programs on the platform including an AD consolidation and O365 migration. A major win for the O365 program has been the ability to identify mailbox delegates and ensure they are all migrated in the same wave. The AD consolidation program benefits greatly from a consolidated view of each of the different organizations.  As each program has been brought online ReadyWorks has ingested more data – continually improving its ability to help the IT Project Management Team see through the noise. Internal IT programs that were stalled for long periods of time because of data difficulties are now entering the project portfolio. Most importantly, however, is that these programs are helping once distinct entities merge together to form an efficient, cohesive multi-organizational IT department. 


Collecting AD information from each of the acquired entities into one system allows IT Project Managers to plan effectively.


A mature workflow allows the team to understand who is ready to migrate and who needs more investigation. 


Automation ensures that O365 users and their delegates are all migrated at the same time.


Dashboards configured for all program stakeholders makes it easy to identify issues and reallocate resources if needed.


Users are scheduled for migration based upon system readiness.

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