Automating Endpoint Operations with ReadyWorks

Customer Overview

Client: Shearman & Sterling

Revenue: $1B

Industry: Legal

Employees: 2,100

Use Case: Ongoing Endpoint Management

Business Outcomes
  • 30% reduction in endpoint support tickets
  • More efficient program management
  • Improved client servicing without business disruption
  • Single, enhanced view of endpoints


Shearman & Sterling, one of the largest law firms in the world, supports over 850 lawyers in 20 global offices. Given the high stakes, sometimes public nature of their client cases, it is imperative that IT failures never become an issue. The firm initially used ReadyWorks to minimize risk during a desktop refresh program. The platform proved highly effective and so they opted to continue utilizing it for ongoing management of their endpoint estate. 


The law firm’s challenge was to find a way to continually provide their lawyers and staff with the latest hardware, the most up-to-date applications, and the latest Windows versions in a manner that wouldn’t disrupt the business or become an ongoing drain on the IT department. 


  • Manage the Windows as a Service (WaaS) lifecycle
  • Manage application and system patching
  • Manage the hardware refresh process


The firm had a typical suite of ITSM and Systems Management tools but found that none of them could properly handle the command and control required to manage their ever-changing endpoint environment. They wanted a platform that was cost effective, could integrate with their existing tools, and could fill the gaps around reporting and workflow that they needed to maintain their environment. 

The firm ultimately chose ReadyWorks on the basis of price and flexibility. They liked that it natively integrated with SCCM, ServiceNow, and Active Directory and that it was able to enhance the views those systems provide of the endpoint. They also were very drawn to the platforms ability to manage the Windows Servicing lifecycle on an ongoing basis. 


Several years in and the firm is having great success with the ReadyWorks platform. It is used by their endpoint team almost daily to monitor patch status, analyze Windows servicing rings, and report on the health of their ever-changing endpoint estate. The team reports a nearly 30% reduction in endpoint support tickets since they implemented the platform. 


A simple-to-use patch report allows them to understand the health of their systems.


Windows Servicing reports allows the firm to manage their twice-yearly Windows updates. 


An automated, fully rationalized application inventory makes every update go quicker with less risk of failure. 


Hardware inventory is automatically organized by department, geography, and business.

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