Driving $10M Additional Sales in First Year with ReadyWorks

Customer Overview

Client: Leading IT Service Provider

Revenue: $2.7B

Industry: Information Technology

Employees: 22,000 Employees

Use Case: Endpoint Lifecycle Management

Business Outcomes
  • $10M in additional sales within the first year
  • Reduction in program delivery costs by 50%
  • Competitive differentiation during the pre-sales process
  • More accurate sales proposals based on real customer data


With cloud and infrastructure services accounting for nearly 50% of their revenue, this global IT services provider seeks every advantage to drive down IMAC costs (installs, moves, add, and changes) to bid competitively on large migration and modernization programs. ReadyWorks has provided them a substantial differentiator during the pre-sales process and driven down their cost of delivery which, in turn, has driven increased revenue growth.


Organizations turn to outside service providers to either reduce costs, reduce risk, or accelerate timelines. This global IT Service Provider was seeking a way to improve all three in order to help further differentiate themselves from the competition and improve sales win rates. They also wanted a solution that was easy to get up and running, simplified program management, and instilled client confidence during the sales process.


  • Drive down delivery costs
  • Accelerate timelines
  • Build client confidence
  • Be able to get ‘quick wins’ and rapidly demonstrate value


The firm had very specific criteria when evaluating and selecting a command and control solution. The platform had to be effective in driving down delivery costs across a wide range of cloud and infrastructure programs. It needed to be lightweight and provide real customer value during the pre-sales process. It also had to be a solution that was technology agnostic – the organization wanted to be able to serve all of their customers and prospects regardless of the technology currently in use. After evaluating a number of tools, the organization chose ReadyWorks. They found that standard project management tools did not meet the needs of a primary command and control platform and would do little to drive down costs or act as a differentiator.


The relationship began with the organization piloting ReadyWorks at one client. That program was a success and led to the organization showcasing the solution during the pre-sales process. The sales and delivery teams used ReadyWorks to quickly evaluate their prospect’s situation and provide a defensible estimate of the work required to modernize. The fact that ReadyWorks could quickly analyze client systems allowed the sales teams to show a prospect, typically within a few days, information about their environment which they never had before. Armed with this information, the sales and delivery teams were able to develop proposals that were far more robust that their competitors.


For the first time, sales and delivery teams could show customers data and information during the scoping phase of the program.


Modules such as application rationalization helped program teams get programs underway faster.


Automating tasks such as communications and scheduling allowed the provider to reduce delivery costs.

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