Paul Deur February 8, 2023

CIO Priorities for 2023

While global economic uncertainty continues through 2023, Gartner expects worldwide IT spending to remain resilient, growing by 2.4% in 2023. Given the events of the last few years and the changes in..

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October 21 2022

Securing the Smart Office with IT Expertise

Smart office adoption enables a more interactive environment for workers, but more ...
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October 19 2022

How to Simplify ISO Audits for IT Using Automation

Being ISO certified shows customers that your enterprise is committed to using systems ...
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September 30 2022

Combatting Cyberattacks: Managing Healthcare IT

Cybersecurity is a growing threat for any sector, but healthcare is becoming a prime ...
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September 26 2022

Reducing Cybersecurity Risks for Financial Services Institutions

COVID lockdowns proved lucrative for cyber criminals. An increase in electronic trading ...
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September 21 2022

Digital Transformation: Enabling IT Agility for Long-Term Innovation

As enterprises accelerate digital transformation initiatives and customer and employee ...
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August 19 2022

8 Ways to Deliver a Great Digital Employee Experience

In an increasingly competitive world, enterprises want to deliver a great customer ...
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August 18 2022

How IT can tackle the challenge of ESG reporting

With a growing focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria and ethical ...
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August 17 2022

Broadcom VMware acquisition: How MSPs can compete and win new business

Broadcom’s intention to purchase on-premises hypervisor platform, VMware, has caused ...
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August 10 2022

Broadcom to buy VMware: What’s next for VMware customers?

Since Broadcom announced it was planning to purchase VMware, analysts including Gartner ...
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August 2 2022

Cloud Cost Optimization: How to Tackle Rising Costs

For many enterprises, moving to the cloud promised savings in terms of hardware, power, ...
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