How IT Service Providers Can Leverage Asset-Based Consultancy

Published on April 13, 2021 by

Paul Deur

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that we need to react quickly to change. Companies are accelerating digital transformation plans as a direct result of the pandemic. Infrastructure managers are coming under greater pressure from the increasing frequency and complexity of transformation programs. The good news for IT service providers is that many will turn to outsourcing to help relieve this pressure.

According to industry surveys they are doing so with growing demands for asset-based consultancy solutions. Gartner defines asset-based managed services as “an increasingly popular category of managed services that include at their core a prebuilt system targeted at a specific multi-customer problem with a multiyear contractual service to deliver business outcomes”.1 The reason? Companies want to leverage capabilities such as automation to more swiftly resolve issues, without having to build, invest in, or maintain their own technology.

This is set to become a significant market. Gartner expects that by 2025 more than 69% of service providers will leverage asset-based consultancy solutions for over half of their portfolio – up from 13% of service providers in 2020. At current worldwide IT service spending levels of approximately 1 Trillion US$, that equates to a $560 billion increase!

In a Gartner survey of IT managers, ‘most effective use of pre-built assets/tools/platforms’ ranked third in the criteria of how to choose a managed service provider, only behind “greatest overall ROI” and “best meets stated requirements.” A Statista survey of CIOs and IT managers also revealed this year that ‘71% expect automation to take on a larger role in service delivery.

Market leaders are already investing in tools to augment their service offer. IT service providers who wish to remain competitive will need to invest now in a platform that enables the delivery of asset-based consulting services now or risk being left behind.

How to augment your service portfolio

If you want to capitalize on this lucrative market opportunity you should leverage a solution that:

  • Incorporates data analytics and automation to manage projects more effectively.
  • Enhances the service you provide your target customer base.
  • Easily demonstrates the benefits of using that technology to stakeholders across the customer’s business, allowing you to rapidly gain buy-in.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction to encourage future business.
  • Incorporates industry best practices.
  • Allows you to focus on high-growth, high-margin opportunities.

Of course, you could develop your own but that’s going to take time. Adopting a ready-built solution that you can leverage for multiple customers and multi-year projects, will enable you to maximize your ROI and focus on your core business.

ReadyWorks advocates automating repetitive tasks to help you improve service delivery and margins, while reducing costs. With ReadyWorks you can leverage data analytics, planning features, and automation in a single platform to target multiple customer issues including:

  • Windows updates and endpoint lifecycle management
  • Data center transformation
  • Asset Management
  • Remote workforce
  • IoT
  • O365 migrations

Schedule a demo to find out how you can leverage ReadyWorks to augment your service offer and capitalize today on the growing demand for asset-based consultancy services.


1 Gartner, ‘Market Tends: Asset-Based Management Services’, Susan Tan, Brendan Williams, Chrissy Healey, February 06, 2020