Building a Revenue Stream Around Windows 10 Servicing Automation

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Building a Revenue Stream Around Windows 10 Servicing Automation

“In 2021, spending on IT services is expected to grow by 4% to over one trillion U.S. dollars worldwide,” according to a recently published Statista report. This spend is being driven in large part by the ever-increasing rate of change within the enterprise. Windows 10, forgotten for the moment because many organizations just finished upgrading, will definitely be a part of that spend. Why? Because rather than upgrading once every 3 or 4 years the march to the latest version of Windows 10 will now be an annual occurrence at most large and mid-size organizations.  

We predict that most enterprises will outsource this entire effort – and that represents a great recurring revenue opportunity for IT Service Providers. The challenge will be maintaining margins while reducing the cost of service delivery. The answer to that challenge is, of course, automation.  

Manually performed activities erode margins, reduce growth opportunities, and open you up to competition 

Traditionally, Windows 10 updates involve a high proportion of manual tasks, making projects labor-, time- and cost-intensive: 

  • Creating an accurate project scope takes time and errors can occur when analyzing the prospect’s environment with manually compiled information from multiple systems and spreadsheets.  

  • Labor costs climb higher as project communications, application testing, scheduling, deploying updates, reacting to issues, and reporting drain resources with each stage of a project taking teams many months to complete. 

  • Errors and gaps in data lead to project delays, eat into revenue, and erode customer confidence. 

  • Lack of flexibility makes it difficult to react quickly to issues and changing customer demands to keep projects on schedule and costs down. 

To protect revenues and drive margin, adopt a repeatable, automated process that reduces the time, cost, and risk of these upgrades. 

Leverage automation to build a sustainable revenue stream 

By using automation to manage repetitive tasks at each stage of a Windows 10 servicing project your teams can do more with less effort allowing you to: 

  • Improve project scope accuracy and quickly complete pre-sales activities to build credibility and customer confidence. 

  • Cut the headcount required to execute on a Windows 10 update to increase profit margins. 

  • Leverage a more agile process to react quickly to customer requests. 

  • Reduce the number of issues caused by human error to keep projects on track and ensure a positive customer experience. 

Automating tasks and task assignment – for people and systems – across projects will allow you to optimize resources and capitalize on more opportunities as you reduce the cost of service delivery.  

See how a global IT services company leveraged ReadyWorks automation to drive $10 million additional sales in the first year and reduce program delivery costs by 30% 

Automation is taking on a greater significance for many IT Service Providers and a growing number of customers expect it to be integrated in your IT services going forward. In a survey of CIOs and IT leaders, Statista reported that ‘71% expect automation to take on a larger role in service delivery,’ with managed services and outsourcing also high on their list of priorities. 

Reduce operational costs, improve margins, and grow your business with ReadyWorks 

ReadyWorks is a command and control platform that connects and orchestrates all your customers’ platforms, databases and systems. 50% of tasks traditionally associated with Windows 10 servicing are automated to drive speed and accuracy into projects and allow you to compete for, and win, more business. 

Create more accurate proposals and improve win rates: The ability to connect to all systems, tools, databases, directories, and platforms - whatever technology the customer uses - will give your teams a more holistic view of projects.  They’ll be able to analyze a prospect’s environment in days rather than weeks, shortening the pre-sales cycle and making bids more credible.   

Deliver programs more than 30% faster and with fewer errors to delight customers and encourage repeat business: Automated, real-time data collection ensures your team always works with the most relevant and accurate data, minimizing delays caused by inaccurate or missing project information and reducing risk. Automation and intelligent analysis enable greater planning success 

Reduce service delivery costs by more than 40%: Automate system, task, and team workflows across projects. Implement automated mitigation plans to reduce the time and effort teams spend on locating and correcting issues and keep Windows 10 updates on track to delight and retain customers. 

Enhance customer satisfaction with project transparency and agility: Improve project transparency by sharing customized reports with customers so they can see real-time project progress. 

ReadyWorks allows you to leverage pre-built templates to deliver a consistently high customer experience and build a sustainable revenue stream around Windows 10 servicing that you can extend to even more projects, including endpoint lifecycle management, 0365 migrations, data center transformations, and cloud migrations. Schedule a demo to see how. 

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