Data Scoring & Cleansing

Organizations are frequently hampered by the need to wrangle spreadsheets to manually clean data inconsistencies and fill gaps when combining data from systems managed and populated by different teams. This automated data cleanup cuts the time and risk to their many programs.

ReadyWorks inbound connectors:

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ReadyWorks SOLVES:
  • ReadyWorks accesses and correlates data using in-built intelligence to identify gaps and inconsistencies and show incomplete data as a % as well as number of files over a central super dashboard.
  • ReadyWorks uses customer-defined data scores and intelligence to prioritize data, identify subject matter experts and automate user polling, to gain answers and automatically correct/update data.
  • As corrections are made the % complete figure is updated allowing operators to monitor status changes and investigate further where needed, cutting the manual touchpoints. Two-way connectors automate data correction at the source.
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ReadyWorks has been recognized as ‘transformational’ in six Gartner Hype Cycles

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