Reducing the Cost & Risk of Migrating 2000 Servers

Customer Overview

Client: IT Managed Service Provider

Revenue: $650M

Industry: Managed Services

Employees: 2,800+

Use Case: Cloud Migration

Business Outcomes
  • Reduction of IT labor costs by 50%.
  • Shortened timeline for migration of 2,000 servers.
  • Minimized risk to operations during cutover.
  • Optimized interdepartmental efforts via automation and self-service


One of the largest, privately held manufacturers in the world needed help with cloud migration for 2000 servers. They turned to our channel partner for help, who leveraged ReadyWorks to ensure accurate and efficient data discovery.


The manufacturer needed to transition an on-premise system of 2,000 servers to a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Major IT transformations like this require additional bandwidth to accomplish, especially at scale. The manufacturer decided to contract an ITSM for the project, rather than overload their internal IT staff. Even so, just building an accurate estate inventory or CMDB would be time-consuming and costly. Without it, though, the project faced unacceptable levels of risk.

Dependency mapping, testing, and scheduling all relied on accurate data, from digital and human sources. Our channel partner needed to obtain critical data while minimizing labor costs.


  • Minimize migration risks and downtime.
  • Shorten transformation timelines.
  • Reduce labor costs, improving ITSM margins and lower expense for the client.


The IT service provider offered a solution that would outlive the project itself. Not only was data discovery faster, reducing labor costs, it was more accurate. Beyond that, the system made maintaining the record simple and easy for internal staff moving forward. ReadyWorks, a digital platform conductor, was critical to the provider’s ability to deliver on these commitments.


Deploying ReadyWorks into the manufacturer’s current environment made it easy to coordinate the migration from beginning to end. Moreover, it ensured improved efficiency for IT tasks and programs for internal staff from then on. Automated data aggregation and rationalization minimized IT busywork, and ensured continued functionality and operations.

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