Improving Windows Lifecycle Management with ReadyWorks

Customer Overview

Client: Fortune 100 Financial Services Firm

Revenue: $43 Billion

Industry: Financial Services

Employees: 90,000

Use Case: Windows Lifecycle Management

Business Outcomes
  • $1.3M labor cost savings. (60% cost reduction)
  • 100,000 machines upgraded in 90 days.
  •  Faster time to completion.  From 16 months with 12 technicians to 3 months with 2 technicians.
  • 2,000 machines upgraded per day with 1 technician.


When you are managing over 90,000 endpoints, security, compliance, and efficiency become paramount to business success. This financial services firm, which replaces 1/3 of its endpoint estate each year, was happy to discover ReadyWorks could drastically improve the quality of their Windows Servicing process while simultaneously saving them thousands of resource hours.


The firm was accustomed to replacing 1/3 of their endpoint estate each year - but with the introduction of Windows as a Service (WaaS) they found themselves overwhelmed and unable to keep up with the demands of application testing, hardware replacement, and upgrade scheduling. They were out of compliance, behind on security updates, and delivering a poor end user experience. They were essentially running an upgrade program for 90,000 users with overworked delivery managers and mountains of spreadsheets. They needed a solution that could help them modernize the approach to their endpoint lifecycle program.


  • Improve the quality of the endpoint upgrade process for users 
  • Eliminate the exposure of outdated operating systems 


  • Use automation to free-up delivery manager time
  • Reduce upgrade costs 


The firm wanted a platform that was effective, reliable, and enterprise ready. One of their primary concerns was ensuring the solution would scale to coordinate 90,000 users and all of their applications. They evaluated enterprise-focused aspects of the solution such as API quality, single-sign-on support, and ability to integrate with varied internal and external systems of record.

The firm stated the primary reason they chose ReadyWorks was because they “could see how this would drastically improve their day-to-day experience.” They proved the solution could easily scale and were pleased with the ReadyWorks onboarding process, which helped them to analyze and document their existing workflow so they could be prepared for automation.


The process began with a series of workshops designed to analyze and document the current endpoint upgrade/replacement process. Once fully understood, the ReadyWorks customer success team was able to make recommendations based upon best practices and field experience. ReadyWorks was configured to evaluate whether systems were ready for upgrade/replacement and, once identified, served as the central automation platform for coordinating user communications, scheduling requests, populating ServiceNow queues, and adding machines to SCCM collections.  


Upgrades are scheduled by the user with no requirement to interact with the IT team.


Once scheduled, all communications and end user interaction are fully automated by the system.


The delivery team can instantly produce reports without requiring pulls from multiple systems that then need to be sorted in spreadsheets.


Finance, Security, and Compliance can now review the entire lifecycle of an asset. 

See how ReadyWorks can help you simplify Windows lifecycle management.

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