Application Rationalization, Testing & Certification

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IT transformation initiatives such as hardware refresh, OS upgrades, DaaS migration, data center modernization, or migrations to the cloud all require that applications be inventoried, rationalized, tested, and certified. This process is often one of the most time-consuming aspects of a transformation initiative and, if not managed effectively, can cause costly program delays.

At the same time, organizations need a comprehensive view of all applications and usage to identify redundancies and overspend on licenses. Manual data collection and analysis makes this a herculean task that few IT teams have bandwidth to address.

Anyone who has run an OS or data center migration knows the importance of testing and certifying applications prior to the migration. Failure to do so runs the risk of disrupting critical business operations. Unfortunately, getting a complete list of applications, who is using them, and all the interdependencies requires pulling and correlating information from multiple systems, identifying missing information, and chasing app owners and stakeholders to fill in the gaps. Apps then need to be tested and certified as compatible with the new OS. Running all these processes manually takes times, creates delays, and runs the risk of something getting missed.

ReadyWorks aggregates data coming from your discovery tools, systems of records, and spreadsheets into one platform - no CMDB cleanup
required. (ReadyWorks does that for you!) ReadyWorks identifies installed applications and versions, redundant applications, and overspend on licenses. Use ReadyWorks to automate the stakeholder interview process using data collection portals, categorize applications based on level of importance and risk, and orchestrate application testing and certification. ReadyWorks does all this quickly without the need for custom scripting.



Integrate key IT & business systems to get an accurate inventory of all applications mapped to hardware, users, databases, and interdependencies. 


Easily categorize applications (critical, important, or low risk) and automate the process for testing and certifying critical applications.


Automate communications to app owners and stakeholders for data attestation and to collect missing information.


Quickly identify redundant applications and automate surveys to help determine if applications can be consolidated and if the number of licenses can be reduced. 


Identify thresholds for app scoring (e.g., apps that are critical to running the business, the number of machines apps are installed on, etc.) to simplify decision-making for app testing, rationalization, and right-sizing the number of licenses required. 


Log all activities taken with respect to app testing and certification.


Automatically update all systems of records with new / corrected information.


Confidently respond to compliance audits with highly accurate, real-time data.

READYWORKS Application Rationalization, Testing & Certification Conductor

ReadyWorks Application Rationalization, Testing & Certification Conductor contains all the integrations, analytics, tools, & workflows required to orchestrate IT asset lifecycle management processes:


Bi-directional connectors to collect application and asset information from data-sources including system monitoring tools, configuration platforms, identity management systems, ITSM tools, application testing, and VM systems. (10 connectors included in standard subscription.)


Automated communications to app owners and stakeholders to request data attestation and missing information.


Guided implementation followed by ongoing support and training.


Configurable data portals to collect data from app owners, stakeholders, and app testers.


Workflow orchestration for app testing, certification, and migration.


Configurable dashboards and reporting to show app testing status.


Cost Savings:

Application rationalization reduces both licensing costs and labor required to support legacy infrastructure.

Risks Mitigated:

Application incompatibility with new OS and hardware is identified. Users and systems are not migrated until issues are resolved, mitigating the risk of business disruption.

Migrations Accelerated:

Eliminate months of data discovery and application testing. Application categorization greatly reduces the number of apps that need to be tested.

Improved Compliance:

Maintain up-to-date audit trails showing all activities associated with application testing and certification.

Automate your application testing, certification, and rationalization processes.