How to Ready Users for Windows 11

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How to Ready Users for Windows 11

The new  interface for Windows 11 is bound to trigger a flood of support requests. Here’s some tips on how to avoid that.

What's new with Windows 11

There are a few differences between the old and new OS:

  • Windows 11 has a new look and new user interface.
  • Live tiles have been replaced by a widgets panel.
  • The start menu and task bar are now in the center of the screen but there is an option to move them back as they are in Windows 10.
  • Snap layouts have been introduced allowing users to organize and arrange apps and windows in a way that makes sense to them.
  • The Skype ‘meet now’ is replaced with a Teams Chat button.
  • Tablet mode has been removed for desktops and laptops.
  • Microsoft Store has a redesign and Android apps hosted on the Amazon app store are included.
  • There are new ways to organize Windows using Snap assist, snap layouts and snap group as well as virtual desktop features for multi-tasking end users.
  • There are a variety of new group policy settings you can choose to roll out.

In a company with thousands – or tens of thousands – of employees, upgrading to Windows 11 is bound to trigger a flood of support requests as multiple users ask how they can move the start menu back to where it was.

So, how can you streamline the process and ensure your end users are prepared for change when you’re ready to roll out? Here are a few steps that may come in handy.

1. Create a short training video or Q&A

Record a short video and/or write up a Q&A with useful links and tips for your end users, explaining the differences between the old and new OS, how to maximize use of the new features, and how to rollback (if possible) features that they would prefer to see they were. If there are some features or group policies that you want to enforce for your organization or teams, then here is a good place to explain why, ensuring end users are familiar with everything before the upgrade occurs.

2. Use training completion as readiness criteria for Windows 11 Migration

Distribute your video and Q&As to your end users asking them to confirm they’ve watched/read and understood the new Windows interface.


Hint: Using the ReadyWorks self-service portal, you can automate validations. When users mark the video as completed it will automatically update their readiness status.

3. Create walk-throughs with VIPs

Your VIPs and other leaders may need a little more love so you should plan to walk through updates, scheduling appointments with them and/or their support teams before rolling out the OS to their machines.

4. Roll out the new OS

Once all readiness criteria have been met – training, hardware, and application testing – you’ll be able to migrate users to the new OS. You’ll certainly notch up some points with the helpdesk as you reduce their workload/number of calls they receive and you’ll also better prepare your users and enhance the experience when they begin using Windows 11.

Seamlessly incorporate training into Windows 11 upgrades

Using ReadyWorks for your Windows 11 upgrade and subsequent Windows servicing programs you can automate workflows including user data attestation, scheduling, and rollouts.

ReadyWorks is a digital platform conductor which connects to and orchestrates all your infrastructure management tools, allowing you to reduce the risk and cost of all your IT transformation programs. Using ReadyWorks for your Window 11 migration you’ll be able to:

  • Automate emails to end users, sharing links to training collateral and sending reminder emails for users to complete training.
  • Provide access to a self-service portal where end users can mark training as completed – the information will then be updated in real-time in ReadyWorks, allowing you to move forward with the upgrade for this user, assuming all other readiness criteria have been met.
  • Improve productivity and avoid unplanned downtime by allowing users to schedule updates via the self-service portal.

Check out our Windows 11 upgrade walkthrough for some hints and tips to ease your pain here.


Book a demo with ReadyWorks to find out how you can reduce the effort and risk of upgrading your enterprise to Windows 11.


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