Heard from Our Customers


“ReadyWorks is so much better! I LOVE ReadyWorks, ALL the data is there, no digging, no thinking. I can see where I might have issues and address them right away. This is so much easier than spreadsheets.  Thank you!”

Shaan H.

"Thank you both, and the team, so much for your exemplary help and support. I hope it goes without saying that our urgent need for this information demonstrates the clear value we get from the system, as it’s such a critical part of our migration planning process. I know we continue to ask a lot of you, and shifting priorities last minute makes a hassle on the sprint planning side, so thank you very much for accommodating our pleas for help."

Susan E.

"It's a Revolution which will change your teams lives forever."

Shimrit O.

“The team that we had at ReadyWorks was fantastic. Everybody just adapted and was there for us throughout the entire process.”

Patti C.

“This looks great! We are really excited about it. This is really what we wanted. In two meetings we are where we were after three months of work with the ‘other guys’ and ReadyWorks is more on target with what we want.”

Tatyana M.

"ReadyWorks has been instrumental in the success of our Windows 10 migration project. It was able to integrate with all of our data sources and aggregate the data to provide insight into the state of our environment. It automated scheduling. It enabled us to create custom dashboards that provided key metrics to our stakeholders. And the ReadyWorks team are all highly knowledgeable and able to guide us through the process of utilizing this resource."

Brian C.

“ReadyWorks has given us the ability to see all our data and allow us to make smarter decisions while migrating.”

Mel T.

“Lou, this is fantastic, nice job with the system, it's amazing.”

Simon Y.

“This is Amazing!  Can we add more data from other sources?” “Mel, this is great!  Why have you been keeping it a secret!?  We need to start using this right away.”

Nicole M.

"ReadyWorks, ReadyWorks, ReadyWorks...Everything is ReadyWorks! Everything SHOULD be ReadyWorks!"

Shimrit O.

“Very customer focused. We felt we would always get the attention that we needed to get what we needed done. ReadyWorks is always there, and always available for our needs.”

Patti C.

"Love the dedication of the team and the technical ability to make things work! Great job guys!"

Michael A.

“I wanted to give a big, big thank you to Mike and the team for all their hard work last week getting the Delegates report created for us.  It has immediately become an essential part of our wave planning process, saving us so much time with a much nicer layout than any other options we have.  We’ve already used it for three of our waves, and we’re migrating our executive leadership team in two weeks.  It’s critical that we not separate the ELT from their dependencies, so I don’t even know what we’d do without this report.”

Gabe S.

“Would be out of business as a result of Covid19 if not for ReadyWorks.”

Michael D.


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[in response to seeing the Security and Permissions Module] “Ooooh. Sexy and Dangerous.”

Shimrit O.

“Wait, this is incredible, I can simply build one report and with the top filter the User has the opportunity to show only what they want to see. This is fantastic! Every day I am learning more and more why our team is so in love with this. There is power here…raw power. I really love ReadyWorks!”

Aditya H.

“Ha! This made my Friday. ReadyWorks is the only production system that will take us under an hour to move. Nice Design!”

David L.

“There are a lot of benefits to using ReadyWorks. Having a tool that gives us the full overview of the environment we’re trying to support, collecting data from different sources and pulling them in as an integration point, and being able to use that data to make data-driven decisions took the guess work out of a lot of things and allowed us to focus on areas of need, allowing us to standardize.”

Bill B.

“Lou, I really, really, really love ReadyWorks, No, I really, really like the product, you guys are great, I really like it.   I found out who caused a problem by looking in the Event Log.  I said ‘Tom, you made a mistake, don’t lie, it’s in the event log…look…now let’s correct it.’  I never had this capability.  So easy to use, and intuitive.”

Marta C.

“ReadyWorks is going to assist us moving forward with our refresh process. The relationship will continue and we’re looking forward to the success of that.”

Patti C.

“I can’t believe what this project would have been like if I had to do all this with spreadsheets!  I would have stabbed myself to take a sick day.”

Tom S.

“We’re in the process of looking at how we can leverage ReadyWorks to make sure our reporting is accurate. We want to get out of the spreadsheet business, and ReadyWorks gives us the ability to do that.”

Patti C.

“We have also really enjoyed working with you and your colleagues. The support we have received from ReadyWorks, particularly from you and Paul has been fantastic and more than we could have hoped for. It really is a credit to the help and support that we have been able to close this project.”

David B.

“Your professionalism and dedication to the customer’s unusual requirements and requests surprised me in such a good way. I would really recommend ReadyWorks to other clients in the future. We also had a lot of fun.”

Lisa G.

“Can I work for you guys?”

Kurt M.

When asked by a manager if they could get rid of ReadyWorks, my liaison at the client said “Are you insane!?  F!#$ NO!”

Jake F.

“I have a life now.”

Naomi D.

“Wait, what do you mean, no more spreadsheets?   No more Spreadsheets?!  NO MORE SPREADSHEETS!  I love this.”

Bill S.

“Now that we finished the migration.  Let’s talk about ReadyWorks handling Asset Refresh, Windows Servicing, Application Standardization, etc.

Rich L.