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Desktop Migration Project Plan

Desktop Migration programs can deliver huge challenges. Whether you’re replacing hardware, updating your OS, upgrading software, moving to a new domain, or migrating to virtual desktops, you’ll have to manage thousands of interdependent variables, making for a highly complex process. To reduce that complexity, you’ll need a robust plan.

ReadyWorks has put together a project plan that you can easily customize to meet the needs of your organization and help you manage your desktop migration smoothly and efficiently. The plan is divided into eight main stages:

  • Project Management
  • Desktop Design
  • Supporting Architecture
  • Application Preparation
  • Training
  • Deployment
  • Scalability Pilot
  • Release Management

Download the Desktop Migration Project Plan template by filling out the form on this page. Your project plan will be sent straight to your email inbox. Ready to learn how ReadyWorks can shorten desktop migration projects by 30% or more? Schedule a demo today.

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