Streamline Cloud Migration Programs

Leverage a single source of data to analyze requirements and automate migration waves

ReadyWorks is Designed for
Cloud Teams

Cloud migrations are complicated multi-year programs that involve extensive analysis of legacy systems. These systems are often undocumented and never share a common data source or management platform. In order to properly plan a cloud migration, Cloud Teams must analyze these systems to understand how they interact, which are true candidates for cloud, and which need to be re-architected or to remain on premise.

ReadyWorks makes this job faster and easier. ReadyWorks aggregates the information from each of your legacy systems into a single platform allowing your team to understand interdependencies, identify missing or incorrect information, and apply analytics to identify migration candidates. In addition, ReadyWorks allows cloud teams to build migration waves with automation to address such tasks as build sheet creation, communications, scheduling, reporting, and workflow initiation.

Sample Cloud Programs You Can Manage with ReadyWorks
  • Legacy system inventory
  • Continuous delivery
  • Cloud provisioning
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Lift & shift migrations
  • O365 deployment
  • Tenant to tenant migration
  • Virtual provisioning
  • Application upgrades