What is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent Automation leverages AI and process automation to create smart business processes and automate workflows.


In many organizations, information is stored across numerous systems managed by different groups. This results in data that is incomplete or incorrect and hinders your ability to make fast, accurate, and impactful decisions. The goal of Intelligent Automation is to build a repeatable process to identify, collect, and clean the data you need for your IT program.


Lack of data clarity means that IT programs are often built based on incomplete information. As programs unfold these plans run the risk of falling short or never getting off the ground. ReadyWorks uses continually updated data to reduce planning risk and deliver more accurate programs.


Performing work manually bloats cost, increases errors, and adds uncertainty to plans and budgets. Whether it’s communications, scheduling, task assignment, or reporting - automation should be leveraged at every opportunity to streamline processes, lower risk, and improve program quality.


Real-time visibility into program status is the key to reducing risk and driving continual process improvement. Each stakeholder, from CIO to Engineer, should be able to easily access and analyze program data at all times.