The Role of the Digital Platform Conductor

Published on June 9, 2021 by

Andrew Sweeney

It may sound like Sci-Fi – using AI to analyze your IT environment, prioritize the order of projects for you to review, and assist your team in rolling out those programs. But isn’t that what every IT infrastructure manager wants to take the load off their work?

We’re not there yet, but a ‘Digital Platform Conductor’ (DPC) tool could be what you need. With a multitude of tools designed to help navigate a complex IT infrastructure landscape – but often adding to the complexity – you could consider adopting a digital platform conductor to manage across your entire IT landscape and simplify migration and transformation programs.

This is precisely what attracts companies to ReadyWorks. IT managers across all industries are faced with countless project requests and want to understand how to prioritize investments and use their tools to cut the complexity of programs. The good news is that they can already leverage elements of a Digital Platform Conductor tool today.

Orchestrating the future of IT projects

We see a digital platform conductor acting in much the same way as an orchestra conductor leads a group of musicians ensuring they work in harmony to perform a piece of music. In the IT environment, the digital platform conductor coordinates (not replaces) existing systems and management tools to automate optimization and transformation programs. Some examples of this might include:

  • Using the Digital Platform Conductor to create a holistic IT asset management (ITAM) program that combines information from on-premise systems, legacy platforms, and cloud management tools.
  • Optimizing the network and user experience across physical and virtual environments by leveraging a clear view across the ever-more distributed environment to make informed decisions that enhance capabilities precisely where they are needed.
  • Accelerating enterprise digital transformation by providing IT infrastructure managers with all the information they need to make decisions on IT resource requests, making sure investments support strategic growth.

To deliver these solutions, a Digital Platform Conductor tool should incorporate the ability to:

  • Deliver a full inventory of the IT infrastructure including legacy equipment, public/private cloud, on-prem, and edge.
  • Define dependencies and show how everything is connected and supported.
  • Categorize applications and business functions based on risk levels or criticality.
  • Analyze systems and business functions in terms of:
    • Health
    • Cost to maintain
    • Opportunities to optimize
    • Cost to optimize
  • Recommend what to optimize or invest in first, based on that analysis.
  • Orchestrate the change once approved and provide real-time visibility across the ecosystem - including the state of elements being optimized.

By doing this, IT infrastructure managers are afforded a holistic view of their hybrid infrastructure so they can see where to invest company dollars for the best return. It will make haphazard infrastructure growth and sub-optimal configurations a thing of the past allowing them to optimize the environment on an ongoing basis.

What capabilities can you leverage today?

ReadyWorks leverages intelligent automation to cut the time, effort, and costs of running IT infrastructure and transformation projects and demonstrates capabilities of a DPC today by:

  • Connecting to all tools using an intelligent data hub to prioritize sources, aggregate and clean data, and present a complete picture of the environment.
  • Analyzing relationships and presenting accurate dependency maps to show how users, applications, hardware, software, and systems interconnect.
  • Using intelligent algorithms to determine if applications and business functions are critical, important or low-risk.
  • Aggregating systems’ health reports on a single platform to build a health score which can be used to decide where to update and invest.
  • Orchestrating tools to automate workflows across every stage of your IT transformation program including:

Our Digital Platform Conductor roadmap:

We have developed this capability for several key infrastructure areas including endpoint, data center, asset management, and migrations in general. Our roadmap includes the development of many more valuable use cases.

Demonstrating the power of a Digital Platform Conductor, one customer – American Express Global Business Travel - was able to free up 80% of the calendar for two of its full-time resources by automating servicing workflows during a Windows Servicing program for 20,000+ endpoints.

Schedule a demo. to see how ReadyWorks can integrate into your tools to cut the time, cost and effort of IT infrastructure and transformation programs.