Do you need a better way to manage endpoints?

Automate the entire endpoint lifecycle from deployment through patching, upgrade, and retirement.

ReadyWorks is Designed for
Endpoint Teams

Endpoint management teams are faced with one of the toughest IT problems of all: how to deliver IT programs that affect thousands of applications, users, and desktops, especially when each of those can be physical, virtual, at home, in the office, or in the cloud. Add to that bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives, a new Windows licensing model that requires annual OS refresh, an ever-changing mobile landscape, and a mountain of applications purchased by the business completely outside IT and things start to get complicated quickly.

ReadyWorks addresses this complexity by providing endpoint teams a single platform with the capability of managing endpoint systems, user communication, asset management, and project management. Endpoint teams utilize ReadyWorks as a command and control platform to automate complex tasks such as hardware replacement, OS deployments, Windows upgrades (WaaS), patching, and remote endpoint delivery.

Sample Endpoint Programs You Can Manage with ReadyWorks
  • Annual Windows OS refresh (WaaS)
  • Endpoint patching
  • Hardware refresh
  • License management
  • E-Waste
  • Virtual provisioning
  • OS deployments
  • Loaner laptop pools
  • Mobile device refreshes
  • Memory and other upgrades
  • Receiving & shipping
  • Application upgrades