Manage Edge/IoT Lifecycles

Reduce the cost and complexity associated with IoT device management and implementation

ReadyWorks is Designed for
Edge / IoT Teams

It's clear that connected devices are changing how people interact with virtually everything around them. Edge computing and 5G are rapidly enhancing the capabilities of IoT devices, making it possible for wearable devices to convey health data in milliseconds, a fingerprint scan to admit you to a building, or a voice command to instantly book a conference room.

However, while IoT holds tremendous promise, it also presents IT teams with exponentially more complicated architectures to manage. An organization accustomed to managing thousands of devices will soon find themselves managing hundreds of thousands of devices. Attempting to manage this complexity manually or with inadequate tools will lead to costly implementations, lack of flexibility, and increased risk as sprawling first generation IoT devices near end of life.

With ReadyWorks, IoT teams can drive down the cost of initial deployment while also configuring a centralized IoT management platform that will lower the cost of ongoing IoT maintenance and management.

Sample Edge/IoT Programs You Can Manage with ReadyWorks
  • Asset & process inventory
  • Hardware lifecycle
  • Maintenance management
  • E-Waste
  • Disaster recovery
  • System upgrades
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Physical moves
  • Device deployment
  • Memory and other upgrades