Data Center Assessment & Dependency Mapping

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Data centers often grow organically over many years, making it difficult to gain a clear understanding of what resides in the data center, who uses it, and how it’s all connected.

Discovery tools relying on network scans only see part of the picture. This information must be aggregated with existing systems of record and validated via stakeholder surveys and interviews in order to build a clear view of the data center. Unfortunately, this process is highly manual and results in months or years of upfront effort before any modernization, migration, or integration activities can occur.

ReadyWorks eliminates months of manual effort typically required to properly inventory a data center and map out dependencies.

With ReadyWorks:

Automate data collection from all data sources on an ongoing basis including CMDBs, configuration platforms, identity management systems, and discovery tools without the need for custom scripting. Uncover, access, and clean critical data hiding in spreadsheets.


Automate the stakeholder interview process using configurable data collection portals and automated communications.


Manage assets throughout their lifecycle including regular maintenance, upgrades, preparation for decommission, and disposal.


Optimize costs by identifying underutilized assets, consolidating resources, and preparing accurate financial forecasts for upgrades and replacements. 


Mitigate Risks by identifying dependencies for migration programs to make sure nothing is broken along the way

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