Execute Networking Tasks Faster

Automate processes, cut costs, and lower risk

ReadyWorks is Designed for
Networking Teams

Traditionally, enterprise networking organizations focus on reliability and cost control. Trends such as cloud-based IT delivery, low latency applications, remote workforces, big data, and an explosion of connected devices is forcing IT leaders to deliver more services and make changes at an increasing pace with fewer errors and lower costs.

The problem is that over half of networking tasks are traditionally performed manually, reducing flexibility and increasing time, cost, and risk.

With ReadyWorks, networking teams can reduce the complexity associated with network programs. They can aggregate data from relevant products, people, processes, and providers into a single platform and use this information to build and execute complex transformations which leverage automation to build migration waves, create build sheets, deliver communications, schedule changes, generate reports, and initiate workflows.

Sample Networking Programs You Can Manage with ReadyWorks
  • Asset & process inventory
  • 5G upgrades
  • WAN/LAN upgrade
  • Data center moves
  • Virtual provisioning
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Hardware lifecycle and e-waste
  • Wireless deployments