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66% of global CIOs will make digital transformation the center of their corporate strategy. However, the tools, frameworks and methodologies IT organizations use to execute those digital transformations are largely antiquated. Traditional waterfall methodologies using cumbersome spreadsheets and consulting labor is how most organizations plan to get there. We at ReadyWorks have a different vision of delivering the digital transformation for businesses.

The ReadyWorks platform was built by a team of IT operations veterans that have been delivering migrations and transformations to the enterprise for the last 20 years. Knowing the challenges, pitfalls and risks that repeatedly cause delays and increase costs, we set out to forge a better path forward.

ReadyWorks provides:

  • Teams with a flexible and reusable framework that can be used for any transformation program
  • A reference guide of common migration programs including best practices methodologies and templates to enable faster ROI
  • A pristine and live catalogue that can manage ongoing and future servicing needs

So whether you need support with some of the most common transformations or something completely new, ReadyWorks framework can get you there faster and cheaper.

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