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Don't manage another migration with spreadsheets!

ReadyWorks uses data, analytics, and orchestration to simplify complex IT migrations. Here’s how ReadyWorks can help with your program:

  • Data Collection: Built in connectors allow you to import data in real time from your existing IT systems so you can rationalize information and readily identify data gaps, mismatches, and important relationships
  • Data Analytics: Visually and logically map relationships between multiple asset types in order to efficiently plan your migration. Define a customized migration process to track migration readiness, identify roadblocks and/or opportunities to increase deployment rates
  • Orchestration: Schedule waves and manage tasks, spot potential bottlenecks and identify the root cause of project delays. Standardize migration procedures with run-books and templates. Automate everything possible!
  • Reporting: Free up project managers by tracking migration progress in real time with customized dashboards and reports

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