Paul Deur February 8, 2023

CIO Priorities for 2023

While global economic uncertainty continues through 2023, Gartner expects worldwide IT spending to remain resilient, growing by 2.4% in 2023. Given the events of the last few years and the changes in..

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January 2 2023

Managing IT Spend as Budgets Shrink and Costs Soar

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck three years ago, organizations spent at record rates to ...
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December 26 2022

DORA: How EU Finance Orgs Can Prepare

In November, the European Council formally adopted the Digital Operational Resilience Act ...
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October 21 2022

Securing the Smart Office with IT Expertise

Smart office adoption enables a more interactive environment for workers, but more ...
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September 30 2022

Combatting Cyberattacks: Managing Healthcare IT

Cybersecurity is a growing threat for any sector, but healthcare is becoming a prime ...
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September 26 2022

Reducing Cybersecurity Risks for Financial Services Institutions

COVID lockdowns proved lucrative for cyber criminals. An increase in electronic trading ...
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September 21 2022

Digital Transformation: Enabling IT Agility for Long-Term Innovation

As enterprises accelerate digital transformation initiatives and customer and employee ...
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July 13 2022

Cost Savings and Innovation: Enabling CIOs to Walk the Fine Line

As inflation continues to rise, CIOs are being asked to do more with less but there are ...
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June 16 2022

Enabling Modern Device Management with a Digital Platform Conductor

A growing emphasis on the end user experience means IT teams need to evolve endpoint ...
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April 25 2022

Automating Patch Management Processes to Save Time, Reduce Risk

When it comes to patching vulnerable devices, agility is key, but today’s distributed ...
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December 15 2021

Using ReadyWorks Agility to Get AMEX GBT Back to Work

The COVID pandemic has created challenges for many businesses over the past two years, ...
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