Andrew Sweeney May 26, 2023

How Green is Your Data Center? Use Automation to Simplify ESG Reporting

As energy costs remain high and businesses face growing regulatory pressures, more are looking for ways to increase the sustainability of operations. A greater focus on environmental, social and..

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March 29 2023

Shadow IT: Turning Risk into Opportunities

Shadow IT - the unauthorized acquisition and use of hardware and software has long been a ...
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March 28 2023

Automating User Offboarding to Reduce Security Risks and Costs

In today’s volatile economic environment, as costs increase and budgets contract, a ...
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March 28 2023

How to Automate User Onboarding to Deliver Better Experiences

Annual employee turnover in the US has jumped nearly 20% from pre-pandemic numbers ...
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March 20 2023

Using Software ID Tagging (SWID) to Streamline Software Asset Management

The importance of software asset management (SAM) cannot be underestimated in today’s ...
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March 8 2023

CMDB Accuracy Woes? It’s Time for a New Approach

Can you trust your configuration management database (CMDB)? Can you rely on it to see ...
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March 6 2023

Windows Patch Management Best Practices

Patching is an essential aspect of maintaining the security and stability of any computer ...
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March 2 2023

ISO 19770-1: Best Practices for Software Asset Management

There’s little debate on the advantages of a business being ISO certified, both from an ...
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January 2 2023

Managing IT Spend as Budgets Shrink and Costs Soar

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck three years ago, organizations spent at record rates to ...
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December 26 2022

DORA: How EU Finance Orgs Can Prepare

In November, the European Council formally adopted the Digital Operational Resilience Act ...
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October 21 2022

Securing the Smart Office with IT Expertise

Smart office adoption enables a more interactive environment for workers, but more ...
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